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Passionate about making non-toxic products your entire family will love.


We are sisters, twins & best friends. Growing up in Colorado we have always been into health and wellness and living an active lifestyle.


Naturally we fell in love with essential oils and making organic natural products for ourselves and our dogs. 

When you love your dogs like we do, you want to give them the best life. We know there are so many chemicals and toxins in the products we use, this is why we decided to make our own.  Everything is made in small batches with the best ingredients and of course...love!

This is Bella & Blake.

Bella is a 2 year old lab mix from Houston & Blake is an 8 year old lab from Colorado.  They are our children and we love them so very much.  They enjoy morning walks to see the squirrels & rabbits, running at the dog park & especially swimming in the creek. They will do anything for a treat & a belly rub.